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Conversions From Air To Water Cooled Cables And Retrofits

Water cooling is more effective than air cooling, therefore the copper conductors are able to carry several times the amount of amperage as an equivalent amount of air cooled cables.

Friction damage associated with air cooled applications is reduced and there is less power restriction imposed by utilizing water-cooled furnace cables.

Water cooled cables permit more current flow, greater voltage stability and reduce the possibility of short circuiting.

The service life of water cooled cables is substantially improved over air cooled cables. As a result, productivity is maximized and maintenance down-time and costs are minimized.

Right: Water cooled furnace cable fabricated with permanently molded-on bumper hose and fiberglass heat shield vulcanized between bumpers. Furnace side of cable has Pyroblanket sleeve, a material which is resistant to intense heat and designed to shed molten metal splash.

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Last Update: 03/17/2019
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