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Water cooled cables of a standard design, including a fiberglass heat shield, double-groove rubber bumpers and a scuff hose for added furnace side protection.

Erie Copper manufactures and supplies these power leads in five different sizes of any required lengths ranging from 12C - 16C - 20C - 24C and 32C and having an outer water hose with either plain or asbestos free covering (depending on the ambient temperature of the installation) and an inner lining made of non-conductive rubber compounds. Molten metal resistant coverings are also available.

The power leads are manufactured to stringent quality checks, thus providing maximum service life, lower power losses and decreased maintenance costs.

Although these high current capacity water-cooled leads may be used in any application where flexible conductors are required, proper attention must be given to power losses and voltage drops. Custom designs are offered, as well as standard fabrications for Inductotherm, Ajax, Pillar and all other major OEMs of induction equipment.

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