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ELECTRODE HOLDERS are the most common failure point of your secondary power system. Located at a critical point in the electrical circuit, electrode contact components are subject to elevated temperatures caused by radiant heat, direct flame and current resistance. Failures are generally caused by contact surface arc damage or cooling system discontinuities.

Cast Copper Electrode Holder Traditional in design, this electrode holder is made from electrolytic cast copper. The cooling system is provided by a cast-in cooling coil. The clamping lever and shoe design are common for this style equipment. Copper castings are reliable, repairable and have a good track record for furnace life provided the cooling pipe is schedule 80 Monel 400 or equivalent.

Fabricated Electrode Holder For conventional EAF designs, when equipment replacement is warranted, this design is favorable due to its superior cooling system and higher electrical conductivity. It is also cost-effective because it incorporates the otherwise scrap back-section of your existing equipment into the design. Fabricated electrode holders are repairable and last up to 16 -18 years in normal furnace conditions.

Dust Eliminator Rings And Electrode Cooling Rings Dust eliminator rings provide an automatic way to blow off the dirt from the top of your electrode heads prior to and throughout the electrode slipping process. Thus no additional dirt wedges itself between the electrode and copper contact surface. The result is prolonged furnace life for your equipment. Electrode cooling rings spray your electrodes with water and keep them running cooler thus saving you money. Both types of auxiliary equipment can be fabricated and installed on new or repaired holders.

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