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Contact pads are much smaller, by comparison to conventional electrode holders and incorporate primarily the electrode contact area. While electrodes are clamped into position in electrode holders by a clamping block pushing forward into the electrode contact surface, they are clamped in contact pad assemblies by being pulled back into the pad with the mechanical support of the steel housing equipment.

Contact pads reduce the amount of copper-electrode contact area and thus are less forgiving than conventional electrode heads. It is therefore vital to keep closer tolerances on machined surfaces and maintain the proper clamping force.

Like electrode holders, contact pads are used in many diverse design applications. Although many styles and configurations work well, we strongly recommend the pads be manufactured from either copper forgings with drilled-in cooling ports or from copper castings with cast-in monel cooling coils.

Contact pads realize the same type of operating damage as do electrode heads. Likewise they are repairable at a fraction of replacement costs. In addition to water leaks and contact surface arcing you are likely to experience some bowing (top-to-bottom) with contact pads.

Clamping Modules are fabricated steel weldments. Designs vary however in the illustration to the left, the front end is mobile. It is water-cooled and has an electrode plate which is insulated from the main housing.

The back end contains the hydraulic clamping mechanism and has slide plates to guide the movable clamp band as well as to hold the contact pad in its proper location. Periodic inspection of the clamping system is necessary to insure proper clamping pressure and electrode release capability. Slide plates tend to wear down after lengthy service and should be repaired or replaced.

Our mechanical and electrical perception of your current-carrying equipment coupled with a seasoned staff, utilizing field-proven manufacturing and repair processes means you proceed with confidence with ERIE products and services!

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