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In the vast majority of electric furnaces operating today, copper bus tube(s) and terminals transfer the electrical power from the flexible power cables to the electrode heads or contact pads. Bus tubes are generally fabricated from high-conductivity, heavy-wall extruded copper pipe. They are water cooled and must be properly sized for the job. Due to their length, copper bus tubes require one or more support structures, attached to the mast arm.

Above: These three bus tube assemblies were fabricated at our plant in Medina, Ohio. All bends were accomplished by forming rather than splicing. Cable terminals were fabricated from high conductivity copper plate while holder terminal pads consist of high conductivity copper castings.

Erie Copper carries an extensive inventory of copper tube in various sizes and all in long lengths to avoid unnecessary splicing for new fabrications.

Bus tube manufacture and repair requires precise fabricating skills, working knowledge of the equipment and the ability to make proper materials selection. It is important to choose an experienced professional to produce and maintain your EAF equipment. Think Erie for all your furnace needs.

Flexible shunts - attachment to the secondary copper stubs from the delta closure is generally accomplished by one of three methods. Either they are clamped in groups by phases, they are bolted individually to the bus system or they are bolted to flexible laminated copper shunts. The photograph illustrates the latter.

Click on here for information about Braided Shunts

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