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Erie Copper flexible braids are manufactured with high quality electrical grade materials, copper or aluminum, from the finely woven braid to the seamless ferrule contact tubes. The materials can be supplied either bare or with an electroplating such as Tin or Silver to combat the effects of corrosion.

Erie can manufacture special braid assemblies per your demanding specifications or we can design made to order components to satisfy the most vigorous application. We have over 25 years of engineering experiance in this field to develop the right product for your specific requirements. We can use Bare or Tinned Copper braid or Aluminum materials to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions to your flexible high current application.

Erie Copper will design the most efficient flexible components for your specific needs. We can provide standard methods of manufacture by cold forming seamless tubing over the woven braid materials to form a solid contact connection. Or we can provide welding or brazing techniques to bond the braid to solid Copper or Aluminum contacts.

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