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Now in its fifth decade of service to the Electric Arc Furnace industry, Erie Copper Works, Inc. emerges as a leader in the field of "maintenance of secondary power equipment and structural systems." Our experienced workforce has extensive knowledge accumulated over years of working on essentially every equipment design, type and condition.

Most of our employees have in excess of 20 years experience with us. We have fabricated, repaired, modified or designed more than 20,000 jobs and have served over 300 customers.

What this means for our customers is that we have a good understanding of how your equipment works, the problems you generally encounter and more importantly, how to solve many of those problems for you. If you are looking for competency, technical support, honored delivery promises, quality craftsmanship and integrity, look no further than Erie Copper Works.

Products and Services:

Electrode Holders, Contact Pads

Water-Cooled Furnace Cables

Mast Arms, Traditional and Hot

Bus Bar Systems, Bus Tubes

Other Products

Other Services
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